2,900 acres. Farm fresh beef.

Perdido River Farm’s current farm operations manage more than 700 head of cows and 35 bulls. We are conscientious about maintaining, protecting, and preserving the land and work closely with the USDA’s NRCS Tribal Office to implement the best stewardship practices for the farm.

Views fresh from the farm

Our state-of-the-art meat processing facility opens 2025

Really fresh, because it’s really local.

Perdido River Farms builds on our Tribe’s rich history of working with the land and sharing with those around us. Our beef is truly local every step of the way, delivering exceptional quality and flavor though farming methods that are healthier for us, our neighbors and the land.

We provide educational venues and training opportunities to help inform Tribal Members, landowners and agency staff of the various programs available to assist in the best management practices of their natural resources. Learn more