Meat Processing Facility

Opening 2025

The new meat processing facility will be located beside the Creek Travel Plaza off Jack Springs Rd in Atmore. This $15 million state-of-the-art facility will be approximately 23,000 sq ft, with a retail storefront dedicated to both consumer and wholesale customers. The facility will create around 15 new full-time positions for Escambia County, Alabama.

Opening Operations

Operations plan to open harvesting at around 50 steers per week and increase with demand – up to 125 per week. This increased production would create no changes to the design or flow of the facility.

The processing facility will initially focus on cattle, complimenting their existing cattle operations at PRF. Eventually the processing facility will have the potential to handle hogs.

New Facility Benefits

This facility allows the Tribe to offer great quality beef to the South Alabama area. It also gives people the opportunity of knowing where their beef comes from and how well it was cared for.


  • It gives farmers the opportunity to bring their cattle to our facility to be processed as custom cuts or USDA inspected and will save them time by not having to travel 75 plus miles to have an animal processed.
  • It provides farmers with the peace of mind that the animals were taken care of in a state-of-the-art, USDA inspected facility.
  • It will offer a welcoming environment to purchase local, farm fresh products.