About the Farm

Farming operations

Perdido River Farms manages 2,900 acres of Tribal agricultural properties, consisting of 650 acres that are planted with summer and winter crops for cattle grazing and 450 acres of hay ground. Good conservation of Tribal lands through soil testing, proper fertilization, and rotational grazing produces good quality grazing forage and hay.

Cattle production

Agriculture is a way of life for many people in the South. And here at Perdido River Farms (PRF), it’s no different. As the agricultural arm of the Poarch Creek Indians, PRF oversees large lots of Tribally-owned agricultural property and manages a commercial cow/calf operation. PRF also hosts 4-H and FFA events, such as the Escambia County 4-H Steer & Heifer Show and the Alabama South District FFA Fall Eliminations.

Really fresh, because it’s really local.

Perdido River Farms builds on our Tribe’s rich history of working with the land and sharing with those around us. Our beef is truly local every step of the way, delivering exceptional quality and flavor though farming methods that are healthier for us, our neighbors and the land.