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Perdido River Farms Furthers Stewardship Practices In Preparing For New Processing Facility

As the agricultural arm of the Poarch Creek Indians, Perdido River Farms (PRF) takes great pride in using a time-honored sustainable and humane approach to overseeing some 2,900 acres of land and livestock, while also using their own Natural Resources Conservation Service just like the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The team is conscientious about maintaining, protecting, and preserving the land to implement the best stewardship practices for the farm.

PRF is one of the largest cattle farms in Alabama and is actively planning to expand production when the new state-of-the-art USDA-inspected meat processing facility is completed spring of 2025. The $15 million project will allow the Tribe to efficiently harvest and process cattle for both livestock producing customers and for retail and wholesale business. 

Recently Triptek Construction, who was hired to build the new facility, provided an opportunity for leaders from Perdido River Farms to travel out to Colorado to meet with Temple Grandin, a world-renowned expert in the humane treatment of animals, specifically animals raised for processing. 

Dr. Grandin is a professor at Colorado State University, and the team from Perdido River Farms enjoyed spending an afternoon with her discussing ways to make the new processing facility as productive and humane as possible.

The team was grateful for the opportunity to meet with such an experienced leader who  further inspired PRF’s mission of the wholesome treatment of livestock. Once the new facility comes online, it will reflect this collective vision shared with Dr. Grandin while also offering the highest quality beef available in the region. 

In turn, the Perdido River Farms facility will provide Alabama producers with a peace of mind and an opportunity to be part of the “farm to table” movement that is important to both consumers and local agriculture.